The Polish Convention NYC 2017

Polish My Life

The Polish Convention NYC 2017

April 29th is The Polish Convention in Brooklyn, NY! For Event info, please check out the Polish Con page here!

Looking for the Polish My Life Shopping List? See below!


1. I'm a Yankee Girl - Duo with Dollish Polish

2. NYC Freestyle Friday

3. Brooklyn Bridge Sunsets

4. Studio 54 (this is a surprise crème that will be revealed the day of. You have to stop by my table to see this beauty.)


Naughty Nauticals Collections featuring:

1. Tequila & Tankinis

2. Buoyant & Bouncy

3. These Beaches are Bold!

4. Drop It Like It's Yacht

5. Sexy Shoreline

6. Your Wildest Fanta-Sea

Shop Best-Sellers:

1. Coral Fedora

2. 1950's Mint 'Fridge

*These are for all the new PC attendees that are being introduced to PML for the first time!

The Best Selling Trio for ALL Nail Art:

The Bare Undies Collection featuring:

1. Stripped (full crème white)

2. Commando (full crème black)

3. Birthday Suit (full crème light nude)

Perfectly - Paired Hand & Cuticle Cream:

1. Coconuts Scent

2. Coffee Scent (Exclusive/Limited Edition)

*Please note that this list is subject to change to include additional goodies.*